Woodski Skate Ski

Woodski Skate Ski

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Brand: Woodski


  • Made In USA
  • Strong Burch Laminate
  • Emergency Included
  • Lightweight

Details: We know roller skiing because we do a lot of it! Our roads aren't perfect (if yours are, let us know and we'll be over to check them out!) and our drivers aren't always friendly or aware. Our roller skis are made to handle this real world. The wood shafts are comfortable, the weight helps dampen the rough spots, and our brakes bring you to a stop when you need to. We also know that you too would rather ski on snow, and would rather spend your money on a new pair of beautiful snow skis. So, we've made roller skis that everyone can afford. All come with a brake and MEDIUM wheels. Other wheel speeds are available for purchase.

UPC: 850008721021

EAN: 0850008721021